Smorgasbord with some odd dishes:

In MIND (former AG Informice) you can read about some dreams, thoughts, ideas and reflections I have had. Most texts are about environment in different aspects. One text is in swedish.

Thank you, Brian Wilson
A mix of gratitude and memories connected to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

Elder konditori100 web pages
A selection of travel and event memories, that may be of interest even if the texts are elder. Foremost from some journeys in Sweden, Norway and polar regions - and various car events in foremost Sweden. Note that this is a quick fix, surely with some faults.
Sweden. Ales stenar, Ales stones.

Sweden. Volvo LV72 1933, Rättviks first fire engine.

Norway. Hurtigruten ship MS Kong Harald, just north of the Arctic Cirkle.

Norway - Svalbard - Kvitøya - Andréeneset.

Sweden. Rod&Kustom Nat's East 2007.

France. Futuroscope.

Antarctic peninsula - near Greenwich Island.

South Georgia - Fortuna Bay. King penguins.

Sweden - Stockholm. Gärdesloppet.

Greenland - Isfjorden.

2021-07-19 Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss.