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Now when more areas in konditori100 are closed, this menu has links to some elder content that may be of interest even if the texts are elder.

REMEMBER that the texts were written many years ago. Some things don't change over time - other things do.

THIS IS A QUICK FIX - there are surely old links here and there in the texts that doesn't work ...   I don't take the time to go through all these pages now ...   And not to finish the unfinished pages ...   I don't know how long I will keep them in konditori100.

Travel memories
When I write this in March 2021 we have lived a year on a planet with many travel restrictions. Maybe some konditori100 visitors find this interesting?
Sweden, south   June-July 2000. Holiday with my car, visiting car events and much more.
Sweden, south   July 2002. Another holiday with my car, visiting more car events and much more.
Sweden, mid   July 2003. My third holiday with my car took me further north, visiting fewer car events but much more.
Hurtigruten   October 1998 + April and September 2001. Along Norways coast. The 1998 trip is the most complete of my Hurtigruten travel memories in konditori100. Now I added two other journeys in the structure (The autumn 2001 text never got spiced with photos - until now.)
Norway, 'mid'   August 2011. A car trip to places of special interest to my son and me, in a landscape full of real postcards.
Svalbard   August 2004. A cruise around a cooler place in Norway. The captain took us around the group of islands far north.
North Atlantic   May 2007. On the Hurtigruten ship MS Fram, from Oslo in Norway to Kangerlussuaq on western Greenland.
West Europe   June 2008. With an InterRail ticket, I used trains to visit and revisit many fantastic places. Several were visited by vikings earlier.
Chile - Antarctica   February 2003. The Hurtigruten ship MS Nordnorge took me to a chilly area far south.
Antarctica - South Georgia   February 2006. The same Hurtigruten ship MS Nordnorge took me to chilly areas far south.

Event memories
Assorted memories foremost from car events in Sweden. I don't have the heart to scrap any of these now, even though some never got text. Also, there are several links between some of these and some travel memories pages.

Old Konditori 100 scraps
Here are some links to even elder Konditori 100 dishes, a part of the konditori100 history:

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      Några gamla webbsidor på svenska:

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  • Granfors - Granfoss en början

    Present, future and past
    A cocktail about the history of konditori100, mixed in 2019 with various new and elder ingredients.

    2021-07-19. Text: Arne Granfoss: