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This bulletin board sits to the left of the door. Here the virtual guests can put up notices about whatever, almost. But I use normal ethical rules. And I take the liberty to move and remove notices as I wish. (About the language: remember that this café is situated in Sweden, where we normally speak swedish.)

Life-style living

Do you want to live in a life-style area - where everyone have common life style and taste, and where some of you neighbours-to-be work in the area with suitable businesses!?

The villas will be of common design, but those living in them can choose from a selection of details to give their villa an individual blend.

Beside grocery shop and other normal service functions, the area will have shops, cafés, pot makers and other businesses associated to the taste-theme of the area. Naturally a number of places where you can meet neighbours, have parties, attend study circles and other nice things. Greenhouses of course, but also for healthy activities for individuals and TEAms.

Do you want to be among those living on Earl Grey Street, English Breakfast Beach, Tropical Fruit Square, or some of the other taste-TEAsing addresses!?

Send us an application, written as you like, and mail it in a tea-bag. We take care of the postage and the adress. After a glance (we just check facts, your references and such simple things) we will contact the chosen neighbours-to-be.

Our only demands is that the inhabitants in the area are well-behaving, have good manners and looks, have a safe ecenomical situation, and really likes tea. The scent of coffee in the area is strictly forbidden.

STAYT of the art

How would you who live alone feel if you woke up, and ...
... the door to your bedroom was closed, even though you always keep it open?
... the bedroom door also was locked?
... the telephone was ringing, but before you reached it someone else answered it in the next room?
... the one who answered on your phone also used your name?
... and also had your voice?

Small Thrills At Your Toetips! That is what we gladly give you, or someone else of your own choise!

For catalogue and ordering information, just flash us and you'll have it already the next morning - at your toetips.

Flash (with a normal flashlight or stronger) towards Mars or our subsidiaries on the Moon, Venus or Pluto. Use your health care code or equivalent and your country code.


The ideal gift for those who spend their spare time with their computer, but want to feel the social contact you get in a bingo hall!

The Bingo-cd is delivered with a set of game sheets for 100 plays, and we guarantee a win on at least 10 of them! Of course you can order more sets.

There are many extras on the Bingo-cd! A number of various persons calling out numbers, and background sounds from 12 different bingo halls. Naturally the sounds are syncronised to the games, inclusive disappointed mumbles and happy shouts when someone gets bingo.

With the Bingo-cd are 10 prizes of lower value, but each player can guarantee himself better prizes by simply buying these from any shop of own choice! In the rules for the game there are several examples, like: Buy a large box of chocolate, but don't open it until you get bingo on less than 20 numbers.

Order at once this winner: the Bingo-cd, K1004. Only via Konditori 100!

If you order within zero days you also will receive Game set 2 and Game set 3 with 100 game sheets each - without extra costs!

Bicycles for sale

Direct from the factory we sell modern bicycles with uphill-function.

Bicycle, saddle low. The frame works like a hydraulic cylinder. When you approach an uphill slope you easily turn a handle, and oil is pumped into the frame pipe on which the saddle is mounted. The oil press the saddle upwards, with a maximum of 16 centimeters. When you reach the uphill slope you adjust the special handle, and the saddle with your weight on it is pressed down. The oil is pressed through the pedal housing and gives you extra help.

Bicycle, saddle high. The bicycle is equipped with normal functions, and are available in various colours. Delivery after order that is received to the factory in short time. Since the number of orders via Internet probably will exceed the production capacity, we are prevented from giving you our address. The bicycle is delivered with an invoice.

Use Too-late Deliveries

Should the offer have been sent yesterday? Should the goods have been sent this morning?

Call in Too-late Deliveries! We will take care of your problem!

Too-late Deliveries will take the responsibility for the delay. We guarantee effective methods to give relevant-like explanations afterwards, why just Your delivery was delayed in our service - and neither You or us will get our businesses disadvantaged.

And our prices are worth considering.

Send goods and documents directly to this address: Too-late Deliveries, K1003. We contact you as soon as we get the goods/documents.

Dancer wants work

Genetically treated ballet dancer looking for work. Prefer to dance in "The dying Swan" or in "The Thunderbird", but every offer is interesting.

Specialities: pirouette standing on toetips or in the air, and high and long jumps - developed from grand jeté and cabriole.

Contact address: Swan Lake K1001.

Investor wanted

Hello. I want cooperation with investors, one or more, for the manufacturing of a modern electronic umbrella.

The umbrella has a built-in rain gauge. It is also turnable, which makes it possible to collect rain water down in the handle which is a take-off glass. There are also sensors measuring the wind and the speed of the falling rain. A small display at eye level indicates the best tilt of the umbrella for maximum protection.

The "Umbrella UFO" (UFO = Ultra Flat Outside) is manufactured in a new ultra flat material, where even microscopic drops of any fluid will flow off immediately. This makes the umbrella suitable also as a funnel for measuring any fluids.

Extra fitting: a video camera to attach beside the top of the umbrella, to be used together with the display to navigate easier in umbrella-carrying crowds and rainwater splashed from the traffic. Standard socket for attachment to for example a video recorder - or a laptop computer which may have a navigator program that helps you find your way even easier.

Contact address: Rainy day man K1002.

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