Konditori 100


When Konditori 100 opened in the spring of 1997 some guests came and talked about this and that. After some time we moved them to the old chest in the corner. Now we have unpacked them again, as a part of the konditori100 history.

These lovely old virtual guests are willing to let you sit at their table, where you can read what they say. At the bottom of the pages you see when they arrived and began talking.
Guest book

  • I myself about the owner after a Brian Wilson concert 2002-01-20.

  • A group discusses future man and wife variations.

  • Eurotrotter gives some travel tips.

  • CD Vinyl has some tips about cd's with elder Swedish rock music.

  • Mr IT, 4th table was dreaming about a communication center for his home around Christmas 1997.

  • A strange diary came by e-mail in the late summer of 1997. Here are some notes from it, written in the summer of 2001 ...

  • A woman who doesn't like the warmth of the sun.

  • A man talked about problems for gentlemen.

  • Mr IT 1 said and wrote and more like that.

  • Mr IT 2 with good morning and good night.

  • Media chewer wonders about sending messages back in time.

  • CD Vinyl have some questions about artists.

    When we have time to serve other virtual guests, they will probably also let you enjoy their company.

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    Text: Arne Granfoss ©
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