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Now I finally have decided how konditori100 will be now, and for some time. It is much smaller, and the reason is foremost that I give higher priority to another hobby.

Presently there are two areas:
Sweden in WWII - across borders gives you a simple overview of a complex period, that may be hard for readers to find anywhere else. I have lots of info that I want to add, but it will probably happen only occasionally the coming year.
Smorgasbord with foremost the MIND (former AG Informice) area that will get some additions. Here you also find some other content, and some old stuff that I just can't throw away. Yet ...

Future - time will tell. It has been a pleasant hobby, but all hobbies take time. There are closed areas in konditori100 that I'd love to reopen, but in a format that I also can use in a slide show or a photo book. There are also some other topics that I want to explore to understand the whole picture of, and that is info I can publish like I did with the "Sweden in WWII - across borders" area. I continue to write travel memories and similar, in swedish, but some I may publish in konditori100. I don't have plans to begin with other social channels.

Past has become a long eventful history. In early 1997 I began with "Konditori 100". All the time it has been a wonderful hobby, that I let others take part of. No deadlines for publishing, no limited space for texts (a web page never ends ...), freedom to publish even not-so-good photos. I never had a visitor counter, and no ads.

Do I regret that I never made an area completely finished, before I began to write about another topic? No. It has been a bit annoying to me many times, but I didn't want the hobby to become "like a work". The only exception was the "motormuseum" area that was open for 7 years.

I re-use this elder text:
"The konditori100 has (had) become a rather large construction since it was opened in the spring of 1997. Like with streets in a city, there is a mix of brand new and elder ones. Like streets, a web site like this have a need for maintenance. Like a city have limited financial resources for maintenance, I have limited time. It becomes a balance act between adding new parts and maintenance of the old. Sometimes larger maintenance needs are met with only small necessary patchworks.

Now and then I correct misspellings I find on elder web pages, but there are much more I'd like to fix with the elder areas in konditori100. However, time ...

I think it is more positive to add new content both for you and me, so I hope you can bear with various faults here and there - including old photos edited in a time when the size in bits was relevant for storage size and communication time."

I also choose to keep this 'interview' from 2005 - you find it below. First I write some updates, in the order areas are mentioned in the text.

  • konditori100/travel is closed now.
  • konditori100/gallery is closed now.
  • konditori100/garage was closed in early 2011, due to lack of time to keep info updated.
  • konditori100/motormuseum was closed around 2007.
  • konditori100/hurtigruten is closed now.
  • konditori100/guests, the blog function, is closed now.
  • AG Informice has now been renamed MIND, and the files are hopefully integrated with the konditori100 structure.

    Exclusive interview   from 2005
    Welcome to this exclusive interview with the founder and owner of konditori100.

    This is the first interview ever with him about this topic, and it seems to me that he was quite open and frank about it. I was allowed the time for it while he was eating some sandwiches, since he said that the way they were made he couldn't do so much else while eating them.

    Interviewer: What may I ask you about?
    Owner: Anything, of course. Just ask me anything you want to know, but this time I'll only answer questions about the future plans for konditori100. So, let's begin.
    I: Well, ok... (sigh). Let's go through the various parts of konditori100, first the general plan. Then I must ask you about some of the photos...
    O: (That last word made him silent and a bit gloomy... didn't I know it would!)

    It's now more than nine years since you opened konditori100. How do you look at those years? Of course I mean related to the future plans.
    - Well, during the years there have been a number of future plans. Now it's long ago since any of our early virtual guests told new stories. However I hope I'll have time to open the door for them again later, and let them in from the cold. I know there are lots of things they want to talk about to the other guests.
    - It has been a hobby I've enjoyed a lot, and I don't see anything that will change that.

    You changed the travel area when moving to the new web address in early May 2004.
    - Yes, the old idea got too old. From the early days of konditori100 I had a travel area focused on info about countries and cities I've visited. I liked that idea and structure, but two things or rather three things changed the situation. One was that I began writing about cars, which took some time. Another was that some years ago there had opened so many web sites about tourism and travelling, by tourist agencies and travel bureaus and travel magazines and such, and I had no chance to 'compete' with them. The third problem was to keep my links updated, since so many of them were changed over time.
    - Now I have a more selfcentered focus, writing down some of my travel memories in a kind of mix between 'for me, and for our guests'. There won't be many external links in those pages. I haven't decided yet which memories I'll write down, so we'll see about that.

    Ain't the gallery rather dusty by now?
    - Oh yes it is. It's a long time since anything new was hung on those walls. The gallery is an old idea that I don't want to skip. I know what I'd like to do there, but it has lower priority than some other areas in konditori100.

    You made a thorough cleaning up when moving the garage to the new address.
    - Yes, a similar problem as in the travel area. In earlier days I also published lots of links to car related web sites, but since clubs and companies and others often change addresses it got impossible to keep them updated and I didn't want to spend too much time on that. Now I thought too many were out of order.
    - I also removed my 'function' to help guests who had questions about cars. I didn't manage to get an easy running routine to forward questions and check if they were answered, so I decided to stop with it. Also it took rather much time since more and more guests had questions, and to handle that isn't what this hobby of mine is focused on. But I'll try to find some way later.
    - I still have loads of material waiting to get into the "Cars made in Sweden" part of the garage area, both texts and photos, and I'll take care of that now and then. Now in 2005 I've planned to spend more time with this hobby, so hopefully I'll be able to publish much of the things I have waiting in the cellars.

    Tell us a bit about the motormuseum.
    - THANK YOU to all museums and tourist offices that helps me publish motormuseum with updated info. Your answers to my annual questions is important.
    - As you know I opened that area after a holiday trip in 2000 when I had come to several museums that had changed their opening hours since the info I found was printed. When I opened this area I was well aware of the annually maintenance work it would need, and I was prepared to fix it for many years, but it has been more timeconsuming over the last years than I had hoped for. I thought it would be easier to get info from the museums and tourist agencies after some years, but many of them too change addresses over time - and several don't answer when I write for updates, by reasons I don't know. For years I've spent lots of time during the springtime searching for info on the Internet and other places to find fresh info and addresses I could write to, but this year I didn't have time to do so. It takes weeks of work to write to all museums and to update the changes. To also search for other addresses to write to, and search for updated web pages from or about the museums, takes very much time. Then I also write to several car magazines and clubs and tourist offices to spread the address to motormuseum, to help people find the museums.
    - I'm not sure if I can continue with my motormuseum pages, since I'm afraid that the quality gets poor. There are many web pages on the Internet about museums that lack a publishing date, and when I don't get answers I don't know if there's old pages being left on an old address, if the museum has closed or if I have the wrong e-mail/mail address to them. A bit irritating is when museums don't answer, and later I see ads in magazines with the e-mail address I use. One solution is to include only museums that answers my questions for updates, but then the overall idea of a 'complete' list will be lost. I'll have to think more about that, also when thinking about how much time the motormuseum updating takes. I hope the 'latest info dates' on my web pages are clear to my visitors.
    - I know this sounds a bit grumbly, but that's how I feel right now.

    How come you opened a separate area for Hurtigruten?
    - When I made the second trip, which was my first long roundtrip, with Hurtigruten my childhood memories woke up. Also I think Hurtigruten is a wonderful holiday trip, with the combination of the 'cruise' and commercial traffic visiting that many ports of various sizes - and the wonderful nature all the way. So I decided to write more about Hurtigruten than just as my then usual travel tips. Then I made some more trips with Hurtigruten. But that area too is under construction...

    To ask it politely, do you spend much time to proofread?
    - Thanks. Well, it depends. The facts on the motormuseum pages have to be correct, and for the rest of konditori100 I try to give the right facts about things. That's not so easy, since different sources can give different 'facts' about for example one historic event.
    - Another answer to your nice question is that I'm Swedish and normally talks Swedish. I'm also with konditori100 mostly a storyteller, and I like to play around with words which isn't always so easy in a foreign language. Even though I write bad English with use of wrong words and grammatics and misspellings, I guess my guests understand and hopefully enjoy reading my texts.

    Now, tell me about your beautiful photos.
    - First of all I say that I'd like to reedit many of them. But that takes a lot of time, and I prefer to add new content before spending time on that.
    - Then I know that you are irritated about some photos that are 'cut' in odd ways. There are two reasons for that. At one period I didn't have so much space for konditori100, and to minimize the space for each photo I had to make them smaller and with tough 'cuttings'. Another reason is that I now and then tilt the camera to get the object into the photo, and that may seem a bit funny. Lately I've begun to publish such photos as they are, without rotating and cutting them.
    - Another answer is that photo editing programs have developed and I have learnt more about how to use them during the years... not that I publish perfect photos all the time now, if anytime... But my basic attitude is the same as with the texts - I don't think it has to be perfect when used as this. Now and then I also use bad photos if I think they suit my story.

    Under construction
    Will any konditori100 area ever be finished?
    - No, definitely no.
    - I will hopefully make more trips that I want to write about, more cars will be made in Sweden, I will continue to find more info about topics I write about...

    Other plans
    Do you have other plans for konditori100?
    - Yes, definitely yes.
    - Besides to continue with the present topics, I have plans for new areas and some other changes. I don't want to tell more than that. It's all a matter of how much time I can and want to spend on which of my hobbies, and on which area in konditori100.

    AG Informice
    What is AG Informice?
    - A small firm I started a long time ago when I had an idea of a product that would help schools use updated info in the education. Due to lack of time and the continued computerisation in the schools the years after, I didn't launch the product other than a test.
    - However I wanted the firm to 'be', so later I decided to use the name in connection with konditori100. But I had plans to fill the firms website with info, and I still have. One 'problem' about that is that I've been working full time since the firm was started, and I don't want to write about topics that 'compete' with the work I am hired to do. Since I work within a rather wide spectre it hasn't been easy to find what I can write about on my firms website. For a year and a half I've had another idea, but then there's the time factor again. And as it seems now I'll be fully occupied for the coming years, and won't have too much time to make the firm active.

    Interviewer: Ok, great owner, I see you have finished the sandwiches and are leaving the table. Thanks for giving me the time.
    Owner: Oh, sorry about my bad conduct. It was nice to speak a little to myself. To speak with you, I mean. Bye.

    I: Say no now if you don't want me to publish this?
    O: (I couldn't hear him say no, so...)

    2019-10-02. www.konditori100.se. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss.