Introduction - Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands
- travel memories in konditori100

Yes, I visited Antarctica again. This time the cruise took me not only to the northern area of the Antarctic peninsula, but also to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Since my first cruise in Antarctica I've known that I wanted to revisit the continent. When I read about this cruise with its special route during the first and last cruise of the season, I just booked a ticket.

Coming home I got aware of the 'problems' I had with my Hurtigruten travel memories, where I first wrote about one round trip and then added info about later trips. The original concept has become a bit 'stretched'...   This time I leave the travel memory pages from the first trip in Antarctica as they are, and write a new separate set of pages for this cruise. I hope that is easier to handle. (No, I wouldn't mind visiting Antarctica again later and make a third set of web pages...)

Here are my memories of the trip, and some other info.

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